The Benefits of Print Media in a Digital World

As humans moved into a world of technology with constant advancements, so did the segment of advertising. Keeping in pace with modern day expressions, digital forms of advertising have become the primary mode. A mere push of buttons on your keyboard or phone will now give any information that you require. The good old days of library research and admiring a full-blown Ad in your favourite newspaper are not so appealing now. Or are they still? With the versatility of digital media, does print still have space in this world?

A majority of you do spend your time on the internet. Well, not just you, me as well. We watch a number of Ads, featuring our favourite movie star, online, download music from the internet, binge-watch the latest TV series on Netflix and even shop online. What more, me being a bookworm, I download most of my favourite fictions from the internet. Given the advantages, digital media does have an upper hand in a number ways, but while deciding on which medium to use for an Advertisement, here are a few points to remember:

  1. An online Ad faces greater competition. The Ads per page view, on an average, is at a ratio of 4 to 1. Whereas, this ratio for a print Ad is much smaller. For instance, in a magazine, there will be about 30 Ads in 50 pages, making this ratio 0.6 to 1.
  2. Research tells us that, about 80% of the people don’t click on the banner Ads that appear on a page. This gives the Ad, a mere 20% chance of converting to a click. Well, thinking about it, I have browsed through a number of brochures while I visit the grocery store or my dentist. Whereas, when it comes to an online Ad, I merely ignore it or even block these Ads online.
  3. Targeting specific audience for longer periods is made much easier via print media. Imagine that your business or product caters to, mainly, the local consumers. If your online Ad is viewed by a person in a different region or state, the conversion rate will be very low, or literally of no use. Also, the magazines and brochures tend to stay in circulation for longer periods, unlike an online Ad that is forgotten much sooner. In such cases, newspapers are a good medium for advertising. Print media has greater loyalty from the readers and prediction, in this case, comes with greater ease.
  4. Although digital media has immensely grown over the period, people are still kinesthetic! I would have watched a million Ads online, but when it comes to buying the product, I still would prefer a physical copy. Can you compare the satisfaction you get when you physically interact with a product, with that of an, albeit engaging online Ad? The print media taps into this tactile nature, existing in every person, to create a lasting impression.

The internet is an effective platform and does have its advantages in the current scenario, but it is no reason to dismiss the print media. The benefits of print media are such that it cannot be ignored. When it comes to Advertising your brand or product, it is better to consider both mediums before making a choice.

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