• 5 Tips On How To Kick Off Your Startup And Attract Investors

    Respeecher started with a simple idea. What if it was possible to clone human speech and trade voices? If such a technology existed, it would change the entire content production forever.


  • What is Google AdWords and How Can It Help you?

    One of the most common questions companies ask when considering a paid search program is: “What is Google AdWords?” To understand if Google AdWords might be right for your business, we’ll break down exactly what it is and discuss how it can help increase your website traffic and conversions.


  • Build Your Startup’s Brand From Scratch

    Good branding is at the heart of any good business, but most of the branding advice you’ll find online or in person is about making sure that your brand remains consistent in your marketing efforts, or gets improved, if it’s already established. What happens if your business has never developed a brand, or if you’re just starting out, trying to build a business from scratch? (more…)

  • How to Choose an Ad Agency Wisely

    The decision to hire an ad agency isn’t an easy one, but deciding which agency to hire can be even more challenging. There are hundreds, even thousands of agencies out there, each making impressive claims about their services and specialties. Every agency can pitch compelling case studies, smart positioning and competent employees. How do you tell them apart? How do you determine which agency fits your business’s needs? (more…)

  • Why do businesses need a mobile phone app?

    1. Smartphones are used to do everything

    2.32 billions people possess smartphones today. This statement alone should justify investing in a mobile app given how much people you can reach with it. Also, one of the biggest upside of mobile apps is that they allow the customers to engage with you directly anywhere and anytuime they please.