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“And god said

Let there be light and there was lighthouse creatives”

About Us

We are an award winning advertising and digital agency based in bangalore


Ideation . Content

The core of Lighthouse Creatives will always be the ideas and concepts we generate, to help elevate a brand’s position and solve any problem that our clients present to us. We believe that getting to know the roots of our clients will help us in providing the most effective solutions. With an extremely good understanding of our client’s requirements, we align our creative brains to the client’s goals. We then indulge in creating the best of Concepts, Art, Content, and Creatives without any frippery. Afterall, simplicity is the most compelling way to communicate.


Brand development

We, at Lighthouse Creatives, believe that design plays a pivotal role in the efficacious expression of any brand. Beyond just a superficial portrayal of the brand, we are assiduous in reflecting the brand’s true identity. We expertise in not just identity development for a brand, but we also participate, with unbridled enthusiasm, in displaying products front and center among its peers. Our design basket includes, but is not restricted to, Logos, Banners, Posters, Brochures/ Pamphlets, Catalogs, and even just a simple Creative for a Social Media Post/ Marketing.

Digital Media

UX/UI . Social Media

Many brands today choose to express themselves via digital platforms. Reaching out via digital platforms, today equates to reaching out to the entirety of the consumer world. We are here to ensure synergy across the brand’s multiple communication platforms in a seamless manner. Our service cart includes Social Media, UX/ UI Design, App Prototyping & Development, Website Designing & Development, SEO and analytics, HTML Emails via MailChimp, Social Media Management/ Marketing, Online Ads, Whatsapp Ads, etc.


Strategic Planning

We try to understand a company’s goals, mission, and most importantly its customers before putting pen to paper. This helps us in sketching a result-oriented marketing plan, that is not merely a peripheral solution, but one that runs much deeper, true to the organization’s essence. We also believe that brand management and its various components such as branding, marketing communication, and engagement, essentially need to be aligned to and incorporated into strategic planning. We cover Email marketing, Mobile/ Whatsapp Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc., using our extensive database.

Our Blog

News from the House
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    One of the most common questions companies ask when considering a paid search program is: “What is Google AdWords?” To understand if Google AdWords might be right for your business, we’ll break down exactly what it is and discuss how it can help increase your website traffic and conversions.


  • Build Your Startup’s Brand From Scratch

    Good branding is at the heart of any good business, but most of the branding advice you’ll find online or in person is about making sure that your brand remains consistent in your marketing efforts, or gets improved, if it’s already established. What happens if your business has never developed a brand, or if you’re just starting out, trying to build a business from scratch? (more…)

  • How to Choose an Ad Agency Wisely

    The decision to hire an ad agency isn’t an easy one, but deciding which agency to hire can be even more challenging. There are hundreds, even thousands of agencies out there, each making impressive claims about their services and specialties. Every agency can pitch compelling case studies, smart positioning and competent employees. How do you tell them apart? How do you determine which agency fits your business’s needs? (more…)

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