AI in Marketing and Advertising: 21 Examples to Know.

These companies have sharpened their marketing strategies with artificial intelligence.

Written byAlyssa Schroer

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Brennan Whitfield | Oct 27, 2023

AI in marketing and advertising has changed how companies sell their products and services in big ways. Ad campaigns are being greatly enhanced by artificial intelligence-driven platforms, with 26 percent of companies using the technology to increase metrics like customer engagement, conversion rates and EBITDA margins.

How Does AI in Marketing Work? 

AI in marketing and advertising is used to segment customers, message them at optimal times and personalize campaigns. Oftentimes, AI also works to automate these processes to save businesses time and money.

These companies below use AI to create advertising campaigns and fine-tune marketing strategies.

21 AI in Marketing Examples


  • Automate lead outreach and meeting scheduling.
  • Identify prospective customers.
  • Provide chatting and customer support services.
  • Tailor product ads.
  • Track performance analytics and campaign results.

Location: Denver, Colorado

AdCellerant is a digital marketing agency serving businesses with tech solutions for everything from email marketing and YouTube campaigns to web development and programmatic display advertising. The company has integrated AI capabilities into its product portfolio, which provides insights and software tools to support effective marketing campaigns across multiple countries and markets.

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Location: New York, New York

Vidmob runs a platform that allows marketing and creative teams to upload their work and collaborate on projects with curated professional creators, as well as access analytics and creative scoring to optimize their content. VidMob uses AI to come up with the scoring, which is essentially a predicted assessment of how successful the video will perform on a range of platforms, with suggestions for how to improve.

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Publica LLC

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Location: Palo Alto, California

Publica offers an adtech platform for connected TVs, which are televisions that can stream video from the internet, such as Smart TVs. Publica’s proprietary Elea AI uses machine learning algorithms to predict which advertiser’s content is about to run an ad program, allowing ad publishers to make strategic choices around controls like ad frequency caps, advertiser block lists and competitive separation.

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Affectiva is helping brands gather insights from qualitative observations with its emotion AI toolkit. Relying on features like sensors and webcams, the company is able to diagnose consumers’ emotional reactions to marketing content. Teams can then learn from these analyses to rework confusing content, emphasize compelling elements and craft positive brand experiences for customers.

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Location: New York, New York

Businesses rely on EliseAI’s conversational AI platform to automatically and quickly respond to customer questions and requests. The technology — which works across text, chat and email — doesn’t just reply to queries. It also executes specific tasks based on customers comments, all while maintaining a “human touch.”

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Location: Mountain View, California

Google’s responsive search ads enable marketers to enter up to 15 headlines and four description lines. With the Google Ads feature, entrepreneurs can jumpstart their businesses by tailoring their ads to geographic range, budgetary needs and other factors. This tool also pairs well with Google Cloud, which relies on AI and machine learning to deliver even more in-depth audience insights to marketers.

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Location: Santa Monica, California

GumGum develops applied computer vision technology that advertisers and marketers can use to place ads more strategically. The company’s contextual intelligence platform Verity uses AI technology to scan videos and images that span multiple platforms, helping marketers provide more relevant ads, maintain a positive brand image and increase engagement and brand recall.

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Location: Armonk, New York 

IBM empowers companies to fine-tune their marketing strategies with AI. The AI assistant IBM Watson locates prospective audiences, selects relevant creative content and engages target audiences in one-on-one conversations. As a result, businesses have found better ways to spend their marketing budgets while shaping ad campaigns around audiences’ interests.

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RTB House

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Location: New York, New York

RTB House is set on improving online brands by using AI in advertising. The company uses its deep learning ad campaigns and ad-buying engine to help brands drive sales and complete pure branding and personalized retargeting. The company has worked with businesses like eBay, Steven Madden, Audi and Miinto.

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Location: San Francisco, California 

Salesforce equips teams with the ability to develop personalized marketing campaigns with the company’s Marketing Cloud. Not only does this platform compile customer data, but it also collects insights when customers engage with a campaign. Teams then gain a holistic perspective of their audiences and can make adjustments on the fly, resulting in AI marketing content that meets the changing preferences of potential customers.

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Location: New York, New York

Yext helps customers find answers to questions about a business with its AI-powered product suite. The company’s platform stores all relevant info in a database called a Knowledge Graph. A business can then access this data to provide answers to search queries, build SEO-friendly web pages, share listings on third-party publishers’ platforms and monitor online reviews. With Yext’s analytics feature, companies can also gather insights on their products’ performance and make adjustments accordingly.

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